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Common Questions and Answers ~

Your note says “WSU will be officially closed Dec. 25, 2014 - January 4, 2015 due to furloughs and holidays”. Can I still take Internet Courses?

How do I find out about the Internet Courses?

I have not received my course yet.

The course has frozen up and will not advance.

I am using a Mac or Apple Product and I do not have any sound.

The course has a message that it is buffering and has been doing it for awhile.

My course is not working correctly:

How many recertification credits do I need for Washington State?

I need a certificate to send in with my renewal
The Washington State University’s completion report can be accessed from (login is your email, password your license number).

The final column notes TRUE for completed courses.

If you need this information for your renewal, you can send a copy of this completion report with your renewal. If needed, set the print for landscape and print the page showing the course. 

Additional Help

For additional course information contact: