Eastern Washington Pre-license Training

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Training Schedule and Driving Directions
  • Eastern Washington Pre-License Registration Form (available August 1, 2017)
  • Eastern Washington Pre-License Online Registration (available August 1, 2017)

Internet Pre-License Courses

Study Material and License Information
  • Licensing Guide – fact sheet describing license types, exams, license fees, and testing locations.
  • Study materials are a prerequisite for the course. Make sure you read them prior to the course. Download a PDF order form or order study materials online.
  • You can test at several WSDA office locations during the year.
  • Effective Jan. 1, 2013 the Washington State Department of Agriculture will charge a $25.00 Testing Session Fee. This session fee is in addition to the license application fee(s). The $25.00 Testing Session Fee will be charged at the WSU pre-license class testing sessions.
  • WSDA’s website has information on preparing for exams, taking exams, and meeting recertification requirements for Limited & Rancher Private Applicator licenses. Purchase the Private Applicator Manual (Study Chapters 1-7) and download the Weed Control Training Supplement.
Additional Help

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