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Pesticide Safety Programs (PSP) offer the most important tool to mitigate risks from pesticide use. PSP targets professionals who handle pesticides as part of their integrated pest management programs in agriculture, rights-of-ways, food processing, grounds-maintenance, etc., or for people who select to use pesticides in and around their homes.

PSP is supported federally by the US Environmental Protection Agency Office of Pesticide Programs and Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. At the state level, PSP is supported by your state's land grant university and state pesticide regulatory agency(ies).

There are many resources available to professional applicators regarding certification and training, as well as resources for home and garden pesticide users. This web site is designed to provide you access to a web site or personal contact for your pesticide safety, certification, and training inquiries. Click on the "PSP Menu" button above to get started.

Resource sharing among educators and regulators saves monetary resources expended on development and delivery. This web site also serves PSP as a sharing platform for educators and regulators. Click on the "PSP Menu" button above to get started.


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