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    Western Washington
    Hands-On IPM Workshops

    The western Washington IPM Workshops are a series of classes which provide
    hands-on IPM training to small groups. The topics rotate
    through each location on a 6-year cycle.

    Each two-day class is limited to 60 participants
    and offers 12 WSDA recertification credits.

    Integrated Weed Management: Landscapes & Natural Areas
    October 1-2, 2014  |  Mt. Vernon  |  WSU Mt. Vernon Research and Extension Center - Class is FULL
    Learn key plant characteristics and terms used in weed ID and try out your weed recognition skills. Learn about IPM strategies for weed management. Noxious weed management and WA law will also be discussed.

    Site Preparation and Plant Selection
    October 15-16, 2014  |  Puyallup  |  WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center

    Learn about soils, soil microbiology, and use of mulch to reduce pesticide applications. Diagnose root problems and learn about prevention and treatment. Site preparation, proper planting techniques, plant selection, and low-maintenance gardening will also be covered.

    Turfgrass IPM: ID, Weeds, and Problem Diagnosis
    October 29-30, 2014  |  Lacey  |  South Puget Sound Community College at Hawk's Prairie
    This two-day workshop focuses on grass and weed identification, turf problem diagnosis, and turf management to prevent weed, disease, insect, and cultural problems.

    Pesticide Management and Water Quality
    January 21-22, 2015  |  Puyallup  |  WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center
    This two-day workshop will cover a variety of topics related to pesticides and water quality, including pesticide-handling strategies for surface- and groundwater protection, impacts of pesticides on endangered aquatic organisms, and managing weeds in biofiltration features, surface water, and riparian areas.

    Pruning for Plant Health and Plant Problem Diagnosis & IPM
    February 11-12, 2015  |  Seattle  |  UW Center for Urban Horticulture
    Learn pruning techniques for shrubs and trees to improve air circulation, light penetration, and disease management. Develop hands-on diagnostic skills to use as the first step in IPM, identify plant problems, and use IPM to manage them.

    Insect IPM and Pollinator Protection
    October 2015  |  Mt. Vernon  |  WSU Mt. Vernon Research and Extension Center
    Identify pest and beneficial arthropods; learn to use IPM for effective pest management; identify and safeguard pollinating insects; and get the latest news on colony collapse disorder.

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