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WSU Urban IPM and Pesticide Education recertification courses will be held via webinars during the 2020-2021 training season.

  • Five 3-hour webinar courses available in both 2020 and 2021
  • 3 WSDA pesticide license credits per webinar course; credits requested for Idaho and Oregon
  • Each webinar course is $30
  • Webinar courses will be held 8:30 am to 11:30 am
  • WSU is offering a Group Viewing option

November 17, 2020  or  January 21, 2021
Integrated Weed Management
In agriculture, turf & ornamental, rights-of-way, and wildland areas, a land manager needs to monitor for and correctly identify weeds. Learn from the experts what plants to watch for and the twelve key characteristics for weed identification.  Also, learn about bare ground weed management considerations.

December 1, 2020  or  January 28, 2021
Pesticide Laws and Compliance
WSDA will provide an update on pesticide regulations and compliance issues. Frequently asked questions related to Washington pesticide laws will also be presented. The federal and state pesticide registration process will be explained. A tutorial will be given on how to access information on pesticides registered in Washington using the Pesticide Information Center’s OnLine (PICOL) database.

December 3, 2020  or  February 11, 2021
Pesticides and the Environment
This module will focus on how pesticides get into stormwater, ground and surface water in Washington State. Current research and mitigation of pesticides in water will be presented. Also covered, will be pollinator protection with a focus on how you can protect pollinators when using pesticides.

December 8, 2020  or  February 18, 2021
Integrated Pest Management
Pruning, if done correctly, can be used as an IPM tool to prevent and reduce certain disease and insect problems. It is important to diagnose plant problems to achieve effective pest management. Cherry will be used as a model in this diagnostic presentation. Research on insect biocontrol that has resulted in IPM options for some Washington pests will be covered.

December 10, 2020  or  March 4, 2021
Invasive Pests
WSDA will provide an update on their invasive pest species trapping program in Washington State with a special presentation on the recently discovered Asian Giant Hornet. WSU will cover insect-vectored invasive diseases that target landscape plants. This module will provide information on detection of invasive species and what to do if you suspect you have found an invasive species.

Contact Information:

WSU Pesticide Education Program 509-335-2830


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WSDA Credit Requirements: Private, Public, Commercial, Dealer

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