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Pre-License Education

**WSDA is hosting limited testing sessions.

Pre-license courses are for people interested in preparing for WSDA pesticide license exams. These courses focus on eight of the 32 WSDA exams:

  • Washington Laws and Safety Exam
  • Dealer Manager
  • Private Applicator
  • Rancher Private Applicator
  • Limited Private Applicator
  • Ornamental & Turf Weed Control
  • Right of Way Weed Control
  • Agricultural Weed Control
  • Ornamental & Turf Insect and Disease
  • Agricultural Insect and Disease

The WSU Urban IPM and Pesticide Safety Education Program offers webinars and pre-license internet modules to help prepare for many of the WSDA pesticide licenses exams including Private Applicator, Weed Control, Insect & Disease Control, Aquatics, Pest Control Operator, and Structural Pest Inspector exams.

If you have questions concerning the type of license you need, please call the WSDA at 877-301-4555